It is vital that owners of coffee machines observe their machines and take them to a repair technician as soon as signs of a malfunction are noticed. This article discusses some of the signs which may alert you to the need of performing repairs to a coffee machine.

Incorrect Dispensing Speed

Have you noticed that your coffee machine now dispenses coffee either too quickly or too slowly when you compare that speed to what it used to be when you had just acquired that machine? You may need to have the machine repaired since it may no longer be able to set the brewing pressure to the desired level. The group head may also be defective.

Leaking Coffee

You should also see a repair technician in case you start noticing that coffee is leaking from your coffee machine at different points, such as from the drip tray or from the back of that machine. Such leaks not only affect the quality of the coffee but also pose a risk of electric shocks in case the water finds its way into a damaged electrical component. A technician can inspect the machine and fix the cause of the leak before it gets worse.

Flashing Lights

You should also turn the coffee machine off and take it to a repair technician as soon as you notice that one of its lights, such as the stop button light, starts flashing as the machine is working. Such flashing lights may be indicating that a defect has developed in the electrical system of that machine. The coffee machine should only be used after the defect has been identified and resolved.

Incorrect Temperature

It may be wise for you to take your coffee machine for repair in case it dispenses coffee at either extreme of the temperature range (too cold or too hot). Repairs may be needed because the temperature switch may have malfunctioned. Temperature differences in the middle of those extremes can be rectified easily without seeking expert help. For example, warming the cups before you start brewing may correct the temperature of the coffee from lukewarm to just right.

Check the troubleshooting guide in the user manual of your coffee machine. That guide may point out some measures which you can take to fix a common problem. Only visit the coffee machine repair shop once a problem comes that isn't captured in the troubleshooting guide, or it keeps recurring after you have taken steps to correct the situation.